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What we do |

Nelford Plastics is a manufacturer of PET bottles for all beverage uses. We use a blow molding process to produce our products. We are involved in all stages of the production process, from design through to prototyping and sampling and eventually the production of our client’s products.

We deal directly with all clients so contact us if you require any assistance in the processes mentioned above or if you simply require a bottle to meet your needs.

Vision |

To help the beverage industry in our area become more competitive on a national scale. To provide this industry with affordable prices and good service.

Approach |

Nelford Plastics aims to form a more personal relationship with our clients and in doing so we will be able to address all issues quickly and easily without any communication barriers. As we are the only manufacturers of beverage packaging in the area we will constantly review our customer needs and address them in person as we are always in close proximity.

Philosophy |

With knowledge, wisdom and hard work efficiency will follow. Efficiency is the main pillar to success as it can be measured in all facets of a company. Therefore, our philosophy is to be as efficient as we can be.